Venue: Stellenbosch University
Dates: 5 – 9 December 2018

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Revisiting Apartheid: Is memorialisation a help or hindrance to South African national identity and sustainable peace?
By Polly Winfield, University of Bath.
Trauma as Heirloom
by Ayala Maurer-Prager,
University College London.
The rhetoric of buried testimony
by Sarah Goldwasser
University of California Berkeley.
Fanon for the 21st Century
by Alexander Pennington,
University College London
Education the most powerful weapon
we can use to change the world
by Abigail Branford,
University of Oxford
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
following human rights abuses
by Cristian Pena,
Colburn Psychology UK
Exploring transitional justice’s impact
on sexual and gender-based violence against women
by Maxine Rubin and Hugo van der Merwe,
Why not simply try to touch the other
by Maya Caspari
University of Leeds,
United Kingdom
Intergenerational Trauma in South Africa
by Wandile Ngcaweni,
Exploring shame and pedagogies of discomfort
by Neske Alexander,
Stellenbosch University

What is the appropriate response to the echoes of historical wounding that extend far beyond the generation that experienced the trauma directly?

What strategies might quell the haunting repercussions of genocide, slavery, colonial oppression, and mass violence that play out in the lives of affected individuals and groups from both sides of these acts?
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